Rostone Employees

Where are they now???


Rodney Vandeveer

Former Director of Human Resources. Spent a total of 28 years with Rostone with 5 years as Plant Manager of the Spencer, Indiana Operation.

Presently Professor Purdue University teaching in the College of Technology and the Department of Organizational Leadership.  Also own VanTech Training and one can go to to get in contact or use rvandeveer at


Stephen Shoaf  1966 - 1997

Former employee from 1966 to 1997, now Manager of St. Mary's Cemetery, Lafayette, IN. 


Pat South 1978-1998

We met at Reihle Brothers and had wonderful time. So nice to see ole family. We decided in talking that is what we were, family not just working associates. I hope we can all get together in the spring and have even more of our family there. Thanks to Jim Gilbert and others for getting us all there. Love ya all  (Luv2bombball at


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I agree with Pat! It was great to see everyone. Can't wait to do it again! This is my little sister's email but she will forward all messages to me. Kirk, where were you last Sat?  Happy holidays,

Bonnie   (b.yost at


 Jeff Lester (jeffpurdue at 1977-2003

Jeff is a machinist at Fairfield Mfg.   Lafayette


Barb Thompson 1972-2002

bthompson at

4030 Thomas Jefferson Rd.  Lafayette


 I just wanted to let you know I had a great time at the Rostone Reunion at ArrowHead Bowl today.
I have been living in Florida for the last eight years and was not aware of these reunions until I moved back to Lafayette in Sept.

My daughter found out about it in the newspaper and called me. Anyway, I enjoyed getting to visit with the old gang.
I want to thank all those in charge of putting this event on. I plan on coming to them again.

Yes, please add my information to your website. I would love to hear from any of the Rostone Family.


David Thomas 1998-2005

Lafayette In.  Email:

 Fire Inspector & Investigator

Lafayette Fire Department - Fire Prevention Bureau

Mike Johns 1968 - 2005

Lafayette, In.  
Vice President of Indiana Precision Plastics in Williamsport, In.  and  owner of Lafayette Flowers. Still living in Lafayette.



(Kirk Toliver at

Hello to all Rostone employees, I'd like to hear from any and all of you. I'm working at TRW Commercial Steering. A few other Rostone people are also there. Hope all of you are doing well. Again drop a line, would enjoy to hear from you.

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1607 Laramie Drive
Lafayette, In 47905